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Immigration Fraud Hurts Americans

There are too many versions of the same story told too many times: ICC outsourcing companies, who flood the H1B visa lottery with multiple applications and consume the lion’s share of H1B visas, have abused the H1B foreign worker program for many years.

This long term and persistent abuse has exacted a cruel toll on the American Worker, especially in Information Technology sectors, and the damage is pervasive; STEM students unable to secure a 1st job, American workers who lose their jobs to foreign contractors are further humiliated by having to train those foreigners; and American salaries are unnaturally lowered by a never-ending supply of cheap foreign labor from outsourcing companies.

S386 will only serve to encourage more systematic immigration fraud and must be stopped.

Diversity Matters

If enacted, S386 will cause catastrophic damage to many industry sectors crucial to America’s future growth.

Nearly all employment based green cards will be diverted to the backlog comprised mostly of Indian nationals clustered in the IT sector. While these green cards are being diverted for many years, a brand new and even larger backlog, will form created by high-skilled immigrants from all other countries as they wait for their employment green cards. Diversity in the employment-based program matters, and a skilled legal immigration system in chaos because of monopolization, is the exact opposite of diversity.

Global talents will be driven away

The United States has always been, and will continue to be, a “beacon of hope” for the entire world. The United States is the very symbol of freedom, complete with a Bill of Rights to forever protect a free way of life.

S. 386 is not designed with America’s best interest in mind and obstructs the selection process to attract the best and brightest foreign nationals. As green cards are consumed by one country in one industry for many years, the most diverse and talented of all immigrants worldwide, will settle for other countries to study and work as the doors of American opportunity slam shut.

Country caps are not discriminatory

The 1965 Hart-Celler Act created the 7% per-country per country caps specifically to end discrimination in immigration. As the State Department describes, the per-country limitation is not an entitlement but a barrier that “serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the annual limitation by applicants from only a few countries.”

We note that the claim regarding the 7% country caps as discriminatory is patently false on two critical points; 1) The 7% country caps have never applied to Indian nationals due to the “spillover” of unused green cards from lower demand countries. Workers from India have always received anywhere from 17 – 25% of available green cards; and 2) India’s percentage of worldwide population is about 17%, indicating that Indian nationals currently receive green cards in a percentage proportionate to their worldwide population.

S.386 is not a first step to any real solution and we ask for a public hearing.

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To all of our followers:

ANTI-S386 Coalition has disassociated from Multinational Coalition Against HR1044/S386. We are no longer actively advocating for/against any immigration related legislation, and we sincerely appreciate the efforts from our members and others to fight together for justice in immigration, regardless of their races, nationalities or academic/professional backgrounds.

–Director of ANTI-S386 Coalition

May 12, 2020

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