Deep Insights: The Truth of the “High-Skilled Immigrants”

Copyright @pttleopardcats. Please contact us if you would like to obtain the original file.

This document is based on authorized, publicly available data and information. Arguments or judgement in any context of racial and ethnic groups are not the intent of this document, nor should it be used for such intent.

2 thoughts on “Deep Insights: The Truth of the “High-Skilled Immigrants”

  1. This bill kills students, researchers and all non Indian immigrants.
    Public hearing on this bill is only fair and useful action.
    Suppose two immigrants come to US one by F1 and the second as H1B. H1B holder immidiately can initiate GC process but F1 holder has to wait for graduation and can initiate GC processing after 3,4 or 5 years, in this period all new H1B holders will jump in front of F1 holder (at least 3*number of H1B per year). Is it fair?? It kills F1 visa path. H1B and F1 are different paths to come to the US, they should have absolutly different portions of GC and different backlog.


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